U.S. Angus Beef

Known for its exceptional quality and flavour, U.S. Angus beef is something we are proud to offer. Our cattle are raised in the heartland of America and fed a clean diet that results in meat that is rich in taste and tenderness. To confirm that only the best beef makes it to your plate, our skilled butchers hand-pick each cut. The meat is then skillfully prepared to retain its juices and flavour, making it the ideal option for people who demand the highest standards of spiciness and quality.

If you're looking for a cut that's ideal for grilling, slow roasting, or pan-searing, the best option is United States Angus beef from Simply Gourmet. Whether you're a skilled cook or just trying to shake up your weekly meal routine, its robust flavour and tender texture make it the ideal ingredient for any dish. Every bite of American Angus beef demonstrates our commitment to quality. Taste the luxury of American beef from Simply Gourmet to see the difference for yourself.

We acquire our beef from a number of trusted suppliers in the United States, including Choice, Prime, and Aurora. To ensure that our beef meets our precise standards for taste, contour, and reliability, we closely collaborate with our suppliers.

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